Liu Qiangdong Tucao apple is difficult to fire ten years pure platform electricity supplier deformit

in CEIBS twenty anniversary special events, many in the audience admiring fanatical fans, Liu Qiangdong revealed the true nature, review a number of companies.

Tucao Apple: difficult to fire ten years

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‘s consumer electronics brand not evergreen, why? Because consumer electronics always decades of development and innovation, continuous innovation, you don’t know who will be a new and better mobile phone tomorrow, so we are more happy, overnight Apple mobile phone behind the times. All the world’s consumer electronics, not a fire for 20 years, I have only seen an apple. But Jobs is really a genius, is a gift of God to our human beings, precisely because of this genius, only one company fire over ten years, but I think if Apple does not continue to innovate, it is very difficult to fire ten years.

Tucao Alibaba: deformity unsustainable

pure platform of the electricity supplier’s net profit is not as good as traditional retailers. WAL-MART 1 trillion of the transaction amount, must be more than the amount of eBay1 trillion Trading earn much, because WAL-MART did much, he ate the sugar cane in the five quarter. If you do not have a pure platform warehouse, did not do the distribution, you do not do after-sales service, you do only two. When the length of the whole industry cane fixed, you find that in the platform of this section of the transaction I eat is not 1%, I eat 5%, this section of the sharp expansion. The length of the entire industry is fixed, this section expanded later, the other has become smaller, the other are losing money, all the profits you have taken away a few years later, the ecological dead, you will die. You do for the whole industry, the value of the contribution, is in this section inside, more than a deformity, can only be short-lived, it is impossible to continue, because the seller to make money.

Tucao Kodak: doomed to failure

Kodak to do the traditional camera, Kodak’s boss said that the world’s only drug sales profits higher than us. He said it was very proud, very proud. The founders and managers of the enterprise is the most terrible at the peak, you profit is very good, you are the hero of the world, where you are respect and envy. Kodak is the world’s first invention of digital cameras, but if you do a digital camera, second only to the high profits of the drug is gone, so he had a conflict, not positive development, resulting in business failures.

if Kodak had been able to follow the wave of digital, today still can earn a lot of money, the company still exists. And the company has revenues, cash flow, profit, but also a steady stream of research and development of new technologies. In the development of digital cameras in the process, it has more opportunities to find more business models to maintain their own development. Changes in the technology? In fact, Kodak’s team is still a problem, the strategic choice it is contrary to the interests of consumers. This is the value I repeatedly stressed. You do not have any choice contrary to the interests of consumers. Your purpose is not how noble, is to allow enterprises to survive, can have a profit, >

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