Dong Mingzhu in GREE in the end how much dividends and pay One count is a fright

"I come in and don’t clap, this is the first time." "GREE does not reward you! I said this a bit too much." "5 years I will not give you bonus, you can take me to you? The more the more so the more proud." October 28th, the extraordinary general meeting of GREE electric appliances, chairman of the board of GREE, Dong Mingzhu reprimanded to come to the meeting of minority shareholders.

talk about dividends, GREE and Dong Mingzhu is still very worthy of shareholders. GREE since 1996 listed, in addition to the annual dividend in 2006, including 18 cash dividends, only in 1997 was not distributed in cash. Since listing, GREE cumulative dividend of 30 billion 964 million yuan, the cumulative net profit of $76 billion 52 million, the dividend rate of 40.71%.

Dong Mingzhu became chairman in 2012, GREE’s share of dividends even more than ever.

2013, GREE net profit of 7 billion 446 million yuan, a cash dividend of $3 billion 8 million, dividend payout ratio of 40.4%, while the highest in the previous year in 2009 was only $32.04% in.

2014, GREE’s dividend payout ratio increased to 63.31%, when the net profit of $14 billion 253 million was $9 billion 24 million in dividends.

2015, although suffered since the listing of revenue, net profit fell double, but GREE has raised the proportion of dividends, dividend payout ratio of 71.48%.

after statistics, Dong Mingzhu era GREE cumulative dividend of 25 billion 568 million yuan.

enjoy the benefits of GREE high dividend is not only small and medium shareholders, Dong Mingzhu individuals because of GREE’s high dividend, a lot of profit, the cumulative cash dividend of 200 million yuan.

addition, as of the three quarter of this year, Dong Mingzhu has held GREE’s shares to GREE’s stock price in October 28th, the market value of the stock market has reached $992 million, and did not pledge the amount of $44 million 293 thousand and 500, and are not pledged to the market value of.

in addition to equity incentives, Dong Mingzhu also received a salary from GREE. 2005, GREE first disclosed in the annual report executives annual salary, when he was director, general manager of the annual salary of 550 thousand yuan Dong Mingzhu, second only to the chairman of the company’s $600 thousand, $.

2007, Dong Mingzhu annual salary of 1 million yuan for the first time exceeded $1 million 330 thousand in 2009 rose to $2 million 100 thousand, two years after doubling to reach 4 million 750 thousand yuan.

2014, Dong Mingzhu annual salary reached 7 million 200 thousand yuan, the highest peak since taking office, in 2015 fell slightly to $6 million 980 thousand.

according to data disclosed by GREE, Dong Mingzhu served at least 37 million 20 thousand yuan salary during GREE.

by the way, about the development of GREE mobile phone, Dong Mingzhu has made it clear that at the general meeting of shareholders, the GREE mobile phone manufactured by GREE R & D, to OEM, do not see short-term benefits,


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