Baidu officially launched an open platform to facilitate the use of nternet users that search

September 2nd news, Baidu World 2010 Conference opened today in Beijing, China hotel. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li around the box computing and the latest progress of Baidu technology innovation speech.

is the biggest highlight of the day of the conference, Baidu officially announced the launch of a new open platform, in order to promote more Internet users demand high quality applied resources and direct docking, to facilitate Internet users instant use".

at the same time, Baidu also said it would pay, donations, advertising, etc., to help developers and content creators to open their own business applications through Baidu platform to achieve business value.

Robin Li said that box computing from last year’s concept is becoming a reality, the application of the open platform is Baidu in the box computing on the road to take another solid step. It was at the 2009 Baidu technology conference, Robin Li first proposed Box Computing philosophy, pointed out that Baidu will provide the industry’s most outstanding needs identification and analysis techniques, and will guide the user to the appropriate service provider. Service oriented provider of Baidu open platform designed to attract the best Internet resources and user needs docking, open platform has become an important support for the realization of the concept of box computing.

meeting, Robin Li with a very visual impact of the display effect to the public review of the box computing concept of progress over the past year, and the box computing future in-depth ideas. 09 Baidu World Congress, Baidu is focusing on the open platform to build data, after a year of development partners, Baidu data open platform currently has more than more than and 400, the quality of data resources every day these partners to provide more than one hundred million times in response to a search request, based on the "Box Computing" has covered people travel, entertainment, work and life, improve the Internet search experience. And now and in the future, to create a strong application of the open platform will become the new focus of Baidu box computing.

Baidu announced the introduction of the application of open platform, an important background is the demand from the Internet users’ information to information + application change. With the rise of Internet users demand for Internet applications, games, entertainment and other related applications have to search for 30% of daily Baidu, Baidu open platform application release, is to conform to the trend, to promote more Internet applications and user needs high quality to achieve docking, so that Internet users in the search for relevant application keywords, in the results page directly "search", thus greatly enhance the user experience. For application developers and the original author, Baidu open platform application is to provide them with a channel, so that they can directly display or sell their products and services in the Baidu search results, and quickly get rich return. Innovation will be a greater degree of respect and encouragement, application developers and original author will be together with the Internet users to become the biggest beneficiary of Baidu application open platform." Robin Li said.

in Robin Li’s presentation, thousands of participants took the lead in the experience of the new Baidu

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