Analysis and thinking of channel customized website

Customized definition of


first, the author thinks that the custom channel itself is not a new concept, a lot of portal and search web sites provide some custom functions, such as Google news columns can be customized to determine the number of columns and position; secondly, the custom channel is different from the pages of the personalized settings, such as the use of Google and Baidu advanced search preferences the character set, the information is stored in the channel; finally, the custom is different from personal blogs and forums, personal online customization, is the difference between the three: 1, the user is different, the former is the webmaster, has completely analysis rights of server and domain name, and the latter is personal, the registered information in a forum. Blogs and online shop. 2, the function is different, the forum is a group discussion of the network space, blog is a personal space, so we used to call BSP (blog service provider), the shop should be called what? SSP (online service provider)? Individual blogs provide insights and information, providing goods shop. We all know that the Internet is flat, flat means information consumption has no boundaries, its value is very limited, and the shop is different, shop owners are self-interest, know how to friends lobbying and network promotion. The channel customization is to provide some support for the webmaster to reduce the cost of the site. 3, polymerization and presentation of the content in different ways, this later.

in accordance with the author’s understanding, channel customization is only for the webmaster group. Here try to give the definition of channel Customization: that is, in order to facilitate the construction of low cost webmaster, developed by the third Internet applications. At present, the custom channel is Xinghuoliaoyuan, typically have nine days, Doctor, Kijiji, Mofile music, Pocle video etc.. As of the end of June this year, the number of websites in China reached 1 million 310 thousand, an increase of 60.4% over the last year, Chinese Internet access bandwidth of 112G. With the open source team to further expand, from BBS, Blog to CMS, is expected to have more owners to establish their own interactive website, on this basis, in order to meet the needs of users, some owners try to use the custom channel. Now, from the classified information, software downloads, music or video sharing, each field has a channel customized third party developers.

channel customized structure

channel customization has three participants, the first is the channel customization of the third party providers, from the current point of view, they are both developers, but also a platform for the needs and functions of the platform. The second is to participate in the custom channel owners, they are for a function to build the site; the third is the end user, they are the specific user customized channel products. A simple understanding is: Technology (platform) – channel (channel customization) – user

channel custom classification

easy to customize according to channel:

1, the first is a simple, there is a complete domain name resolution; this operation is simple, directly to the top

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