4 steps of analyzing foreign trade website construction competitors

webmaster in B2C e-commerce online sales, not only need to have a clear understanding of their own resources and advantages, more comprehensive analysis of market situation and the strength of competitors, through a comprehensive analysis of competitors, targeted to develop a website construction goal and strategy. Below we through the foreign trade building 4 aspects to understand how to step by step competitors analysis.

a competitor product analysis

based on product quality, function, price, mode of payment, the minimum retail price, the main product line structure and price, ancillary products, structure and price of freight etc., understand competitors product sales has what characteristics and advantages, so as to develop their own website product sales system and characteristics. At the same time, unless there is a full grasp of the site just on the line, should avoid direct confrontation with the main competitors mature product line, so it is easier to accumulate their user base in the short term.

two, competitor marketing analysis

by the competitor history marketing, marketing plan, delivery channels, investment allocation, put in effect, the main push products, the main customer base and marketing strategy, analysis of competitors marketing strategy, from its successful marketing experience.

three, competitor website analysis

through the website design competition, price, functionality and performance, web site traffic, user experience, purchase process design, process design, promotion and pay recommendation and other comprehensive investigation indicators of its website construction, so as to provide reference for the construction of the website webmaster. Of course, from the user’s point of view, the repeated lack of freshness of the site, users like novelty creative site. Therefore, the webmaster can not blindly imitate the competitor’s website, feel good place directly take over. But should be combined with the characteristics of their own website, pondering the experience can attract users to design and create a better website.

four, competitor service analysis

trade website need to pay special attention to customer service, including call center, online customer service, logistics, customer service, personalized service, return terms, bonus points, compare and improve the service quality of website, the website can effectively improve the rate of repeat purchase and maintain good customer relationship.

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