An alternative approach to local Forums

on the promotion of local forums, recently thought of an alternative approach, it is estimated that some friends have tried. For example, a Nanjing forum, first built a QQ group, and then send a post in Baidu, Nanjing Post Bar Tianya city forum or other places, the title is "the Nanjing local net friend groups, almost full, brothers and sisters and fast", and then the group number you build out the light, slowly there will be people add to your group.

spend some money to do a group of 200 people, this popularity, familiar with some of the people inside, when a certain cohesion, put your forum site in the bulletin board, for example, wrote "come and meet is fate, our stronghold of Nanjing by". This group of friends who are based on the feelings of the first visit to your station, viscosity stronger!

next, you can group that several more, for the timing of Party activities, combining online and offline. The key is to the party and the whole process of PP barber to your forum, so that the popularity will come up.

personal opinion, share with you the.

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