UC cocoon metamorphosis mobile information market pattern regeneration

day before UC browser officially renamed UC, and officially released independent information application "UC big data driven headlines". The entire UC brand also upgraded from the tools to the quality of information content platform, and sounded to the big data new media platform to enter the assault number. According to official data released by UC, after the UC browser has more than 600 million of the number of active users in the quarter, so why has more than 600 million users of the UC browser will suddenly upgrade to a content platform


UC upgrade behind: content seems to have become an important entrance to the mobile Internet

WeChat as the largest social platform, occupy most of the time people use smart phones. From the WeChat subscription number to WeChat circle of friends, WeChat in addition to the social characteristics of this, really attract users as well as its strong content ecology.

micro-blog also as a social platform, today it can still be active in the hearts of users, by virtue of its social media properties or. Only a short while ago, in WeChat’s impact, micro-blog user activity dropped significantly, almost dying, in the adjustment direction, after the re positioning of social media properties, micro-blog was able to regenerate, social media content has become the foundation of maintaining the survival of micro-blog.

today’s headlines as a mobile information platform, its valuation can reach $8 billion -100 billion dollars, but also because today’s headlines with the content of the mobile Internet has been to seize entrance tickets.

overwhelmed behind the UC upgrade, the same is telling us: content seems to have become an important entrance of the mobile internet. UC browser as the entire Alibaba in the field of mobile Internet is one of the most important products, carrying the dream of Alibaba in the mobile internet. So, to seize the entrance ticket, UC browser has naturally become the first member of the general Alibaba.

addition, UC as an important member of the entire Alibaba in the cultural and entertainment industry layout, overwhelmed by the upgrade will also bear the dream of building a cultural empire ali.

UC on behalf of Ali once again started mobile entrance battle


upgrade from the beginning of the UC browser, it has sounded the Ali once again launched the entrance of the mobile assault charge. So, UC has great odds in this war


from the user’s point of view. UC headlines based on UC browser users accumulation in a short period of time has accumulated a considerable number of subscribers, according to UC general manager Chen Chao speech, UC headline overall monthly active users has exceeded 110 million, the monthly number of new users to more than 17 million 750 thousand, the cumulative number of users over 260 million. At the same time, according to the third party iResearch July 2016 release of the information channel value of the era of media research report shows: UC headlines to live on the performance of 41 million 580 thousand users, successfully entered the first camp of the information platform. UC headlines with more than 600 million of the size of the UC browser users, >

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