Daily topics short domain domain name for those expensive company inventory rampant in recent years

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 22nd news, millet in the morning to enable the new domain name mi.com. Lei Jun said micro-blog, the new domain name is Chinese thief expensive, estimated in the history of the Internet’s most expensive domain name! It is understood that the opening of mi.com new domain name mainly in order to further promote the internationalization of millet, millet company property and represents the "Mobile Internet".

millet for domain name is not the first believe is not the last one! The importance of the domain name for the site is self-evident, otherwise it will not have to pay a high price for a change in the end. Today we will take stock of the past two years, those high priced domain name Internet Co!

large companies spend nearly 30 million yuan for JD.com

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has publicly said that due to the original Jingdong (www.360buy.com) domain name is not easy to remember, will change the domain name. Large companies and big Jingdong, suspected the acquisition of 2 letter short name JD.com spent nearly 30 million yuan. High quality domain name of the high cost of investment, but Jingdong also saved a huge amount of traffic promotion costs.

LY became the shortest domain name Online Travel Corporation

sung Suzhou corner of the "grassroots" enterprises the same way network (now renamed with the way tourism), in the "big" Shanghai Jingan District Shangri-La held a press conference, announced on winning the LY.com short domain name (the original name for 17U.cn) "LY" is "tourism" two word spelling initials, become the most Online Travel Corporation in the short domain.

China’s most expensive domain name transaction Game.com

4.cn founder Xu Junxin started an international top-level domain name Game.com, the seller for the U.S. listed company HASBRO (Hasbro), the company’s Transformers, special forces, star wars and many other well-known brands. Domain name transaction data from abroad has been disclosed, the game.com value is likely to be ranked in all domain name transactions before the three, could be worth billions of dollars, because the game’s best cash flow.

gaming company will never be short of money to buy $37 37.com domain

37 Shanghai

play network technology Co. Ltd. days ago announced the future overall strategy, this year 37 games will expand the overseas market as the core, in addition will launch 30 more Mobile Games products, the company also announced $2 million 100 thousand acquisition of the domain name 37.com, which is following the Jingdong, vip.com once again after the domestic mainstream science and technology enterprises to choose the replacement of domain name.

vip.com hit a million dollars to buy vip.com

vip.com cost tens of millions of dollars

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