Creative life shopping site financing 6 million 300 thousand rise


Brit + Co. network founder Maureen factor is the successful financing of its website

according to foreign media reports, creative life website Brit + Co. recently received $6 million 300 thousand A round of financing. This kind of new shopping site with electricity providers, the media and social networks in a body is quietly rising, gradually change people’s way of life and shopping.

recently, many of the recent events in Silicon Valley have been puzzling. On Wednesday, Brit + Co. announced a $6 million 300 thousand A round of financing. Brit + Co. is a creative for the daily life of startups, DIY users can introduce a variety of creative life small Raiders to the users in the pictures of the way.

, however, Brit + Co. monthly number of independent visitors is only 50 thousand, while the company claims that the number is 500 thousand. In any case, these two figures are only a fraction of. It is speculated that investors such as YAHOO CEO Melissa (Marissa Mayer) and New York Lerer Ventures company may have an olive branch to Brit + Co. Brit + Co. founder Brittany (Brittany Morin) Path Maureen CEO David (Dave Morin) Maureen’s wife, the recent limelight is fierce.

in some of the recent investment in science and technology, interpersonal relationship is always a factor of consideration. So, network Brittany Maureen’s important, can not be ignored. In addition, Brit + Co. such companies can attract the attention of investors because: we are eager to find a profitable model to redefine the way people find and buy life products. Traditionally, these products are through glossy magazines and shop window to promote.

and Maureen I is this wave in the crowd, her website is a hybrid set of guidelines, handicraft product introduction, DIY tool sales and push in a news. The company is like a small version of the new Thrillist media group, which operates a total revenue of not less than $75 million shopping blog.

In fact, there are many

and Brit + Co. integration of e-commerce, media and social networking sites, such as Houzz. Houzz is a leading online decoration and design platform, which provides a creative style home design directory for users to browse. Users can also read professional articles and participate in community discussions on the platform. Houzz the most important goal is to connect the owners and designers, home improvement professionals together. Another example Polyvore. Polyvore is a dress with a web site

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