Small husband and wife work together to support a large website

in December 15th, in a small courtyard of Qingfeng County in Henan province in the town, I saw the "ZG electric power automation website founder of the" Eagle "and" number of friends ", they are a small husband and wife to work in the front line of electric power production. "The eagle" Liu Jie is the protection and maintenance work area, 87 meters tall, Toshiro. "The number of friends" to Wang Li is a substation substation operation, gentle and simple. When a reporter asked the founder of ZG electric power automation website Liu Jie’s intention, because the initial ZG feel shy, a website is to give the king to a out of the ordinary gift.

ZG witness their love

in 2000, graduated from the Zhengzhou Electric Power College in power system and its automation to Wang Li after two years of grassroots exercise, transferred to the Qingfeng County Power Supply Bureau dispatch center. At that time, Wang would like to be the middle of the unit, and Liu Jie is just ordinary workers. In the face of other people’s discussion, two people’s heart has always been very tight, there is no change.

Wang Li and Liu Jie are trying to engage in technology, love when others say is the ideal setting for a couple in love romantic topic, the two of them together is more about electric power technology. At that time, Liu Jie had an idea to send a special gift to witness their love to Wang Li. At that time, free online lots of space, so Liu Jie wanted to start a website, the two person some experience in terms of power and experience on the web, it can help a lot of people, also can through this platform, from others learn more new knowledge. Want to do a good job, Liu Jie devoted his spare time devoted to the design and production of ZG electric power automation website. Li wants to know that Liu Jie is busy every day, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing, until ZG electric power automation network takes shape, and Liu Jiecai shows it to her. Although the ZG is very simple, but still want to be moved, that is the most precious gift she received. In 2005, Wang Li to work has changed, from the dispatch center transferred to a remote substation to do operation, during that time, the mood is very frustrated and want to. Liu Jie clenched her hands and said: "you do not lose what, you have a good job the envy of everyone, I have such a good husband, in addition, we have the ZG electric power automation website! All over the country tens of thousands of users all need you!" then, Liu Jie announced a high-profile wedding and held them, a grand wedding, so depressed and want to become the sun again. After marriage, ZG electric power automation website gradually become the spiritual sustenance of the couple, work, they put all their energy on the construction site. Liu Jie is responsible for the production and maintenance of the site, and the academic and technical exchanges in the affairs of most of the benefits to the. Lee wanted to find a goal is the pursuit of the end of the people, with the continuous upgrading and development of the site, ZG registered members more and more, especially in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other coastal areas of the majority of members. Southern Power Company substation equipment update speed is very fast, new equipment, new technology emerge in an endless stream, see the member >

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