The opportunities and Countermeasures of forum filing

      forum record will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of personal webmaster site, but also brought some opportunities.

      first of all, the closure of the forum led to a large number of forum users idle is a great opportunity.

      although the Ministry of information industry has done a bit too much, too restrictive,

      but there is still a great deal of benefit to doing things in a space that is open to.

      below to talk about the opportunity, if the forum for the successful use of the national record, then the country will appear

      1 large cooperation forum, dozens or hundreds of stationmaster composed of interest groups. The registered company to share Internet cake, although it is fragile, but also a 80s cooperation and set up factories in.


      2 wealthy individual owned construction site, there will be a large number of webmasters were recruited to the site from the building. Of course, the company has become a member of the security.

      transformation to 3 forum, although many personal Adsense website was closed, but it is your forum data or in your hand, can the forum original data by way of information transformation, after all the search engines only one page whether or not you are a forum can be converted to their fellow original contributors. Of course also on the editorial group of owners to participate in website content words also have certain effect. Accurate Internet era will come.

      the rise of English language in 4, personal webmaster website construction profits from the inevitable Chinese into English, after all China a click is 0.01 knife and America UK users to install a FIREFOX is a small knife. The website is a monthly income of hundreds of dollars, webmasters to English rally is inevitable you can imagine, many webmaster in order to open web site to learn IELTS TOEFL scene.

      of course, the "reform" the original master’s interests into a large website is very unwise, but can be found from Baidu do you think Post Bar due to the good days we have quietly gone, those beautiful days has quietly gone.

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