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August 21st, defined as "the application of mobile phone the most interesting content sharing platform" micro headlines announced has recently completed a A round of ten million yuan level of financing, the investor is cdh. Prior to this, the micro headlines Angel round of investment for the famous investor Mai Gang, in July, as the first batch of micro public equity Jingdong raised the first batch of venture capital companies to complete the 4 million public financing.

micro headline content focus on the interesting, from which the "Adorable pet", "life" and "fun" and "hilarious" four channel classification can be seen. Content sources above, micro headlines are their own original and grab the contents of each half of the output rhythm. According to the micro headlines CEO Chen Gang said that the current micro headlines APP downloads has exceeded one million, the content of the content of the entire platform of the day there are about two million visits, with an independent visitor of one million to 90 based.

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micro team headlines in Shenzhen in October 2014, founder Chen Gang is the product of technical background, in the United States for many years interested in media content, and their sensitivity to the data itself, after returning home to do poineering project is micro-blog content of data mining. With the activity of micro-blog, attention to reduce, Chen Gang will be turned to do interesting content sharing platform.

is currently 23 people in the micro headlines team, technical staff accounted for half, while the editor is more than just after graduating from college students. This unconventional content production team in the traditional media in proportion is a group of inexperienced junior, it is difficult to make users love reading the content, but the micro headlines content production not by the editorial team, but behind the technical factors.

Chen Gang describes the content of micro headlines: "you see in WeChat access to the circle of friends these interesting articles are the source, is not to say that they are original, but the global factory output is the content. We can look at the background of the technology, such as an article on the website of Taiwan feel particularly good, there is a key to extract the function of our platform. The sources of all global content factories are cognate, all of which are controlled. I can control these sources through the machine, translate it, process it, and the machine can do it."

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through the machine quickly grab headlines and content sources, micro technology application placement in the editing process and content in the process of communication. Micro headlines specifically for background editing the optimized input keywords can be quickly obtained on the keywords of interesting pictures and moving map in search of the material, improve the efficiency of editing text. In the process of communication, the title of an article accounted for a high proportion in the headlines will attract click on micro monitoring of a manuscript, timely adjustment according to the response of two times to improve the transmission range.

below is I dark horse reporter on the micro headlines founder, CEO Chen interview interview content:

I dark horse: This is the end of the capital after the end of the main plan to spend money?

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