The first or the first money community O2O profit is a hopeless case

the more people do community O2O, the more people will ask how the community O2O how to profit. Although most people think the community of O2O, but still do not know how to solve the problem of profit and revising market strategy did not bring high returns expected, it is a problem of profitable community O2O solution to the dead group



appropriate market thinking has a decisive impact on the growth of start-up companies

the previous article "O2O" entrepreneurial attitudes: community people summed up the basic present situation of community O2O business environment, the response is also good, this article further deepen the community O2O business problems, discuss community O2O is the most critical and most people’s headlines profit problem.

in fact, before discussing the "profit" should first discuss the "revenue", which has no revenue to profit? Conversely, revenue is a complex involving many aspects of the practical details, and the profit is a simplified abstract problem all intermediate uncertainty, that is to say if you can have the natural profit, revenue is not a problem.

in other words, a variety of ways may add up to revenue will bring profit, but we are not the other community O2O, what specific revenue means to achieve profitability, but they mainly concern with what kind of thinking to do community O2O this thing, because there are too many entrepreneurs because of infatuation the Internet thinking were awkward trapped in the hands and feet, not only the O2O community in an operational thinking.

said, we are going to discuss the profit problem of O2O community, some people do not pay attention while what they do, that is to say we are discussing the problem of abstract thinking, rather than a specific revenue analysis problem. Sometimes, out of the inherent thinking problems, there will be a feeling for the dense willow trees and bright flowers, complex and diverse revenue problems at the back of the [O2 agency will "community O2O what are the revenue way?" further in this paper.

The existing

community O2O thinking can be divided into two kinds, one is the "2003 (closed loop)" thinking, the other is "(line) -" thinking. Here you must remind emphasize that the O2O community is a combination of live in the community within the scene online and offline, so not only focus on the Internet "(closed loop)," the direction of development, also need to consider the traditional market "(line)" the basic law.


don’t be fooled by the Internet, small start-up companies, not suitable for community O2O (closed loop) – thinking

, (closed loop) type thinking has several major features: ambitious scale is not the pursuit of short-term profitability; to find a way around the user to Japan after a fish to eat; or have sufficient funds in favor of capital has continued to burn.

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