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first of all, we have to scan the blind, Google Timeline is Google’s latest record of your footprint Google map products / experience. It has the following features:

1 can only view their own footprint (do not want to peep others). To record where you have been on the premise that you have a Google account, and open the location this option, Xiao Bian found that the default is open.

2 currently only through Android mobile devices or desktop mobile devices to record the trip, Apple products are not supported.

3 implementation of the principle of Google said the need to enable GPS, WIFI or mobile data (3G/4G) to achieve the record. Small series basically do not open GPS, WIFI is a long open, go in and found that Google is still a record of the small series of travel plans.

next nonsense not to say, directly into the small series of Google Timeline for everyone to read:

first of all, we go through the web page into the Google Timeline website: (domestic users need to open agent). After coming out of a Google map, showing small series has recently been to 29 places. Although Google Timeline just released soon, but it seems that Google has been secretly recorded in our footsteps. You can find the record last year.


The red dot on the

chart represents the small package has been to the place, it is clear that the small number of mobile phones have been to the place:: let us look at the big picture:


we click on one of the sixth locations Costco, it is a supermarket in the United states.


from the trip on the map of the third items can be seen in the company spent 8 hours and minutes, and then went to the supermarket to go shopping after work to stay there for about 22 minutes. This is a screenshot on the computer, in order to let everyone see clearly only interception of the left side of the picture, and now we look at the right side of the itinerary.


Google Timeline will record you a year where several places, also records where you stay at home a few days. This is not small in April went to Omaha zoo, on the way to go to a restaurant China were recorded:


Google Tim>

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