Daily topic O2O into the capital of winter 58 home to complete 300 million financing

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 14th news, recently 58 city’s O2O platform to announce the home has received $300 million A round of financing in. Investors include Alibaba group, global investment giant KKR and Ping An venture.

58 home was founded in September 2014, is currently the largest Chinese category of local life O2O platform provide door-to-door service, in more than and 30 city including housekeeping services, city express, beauty industry, car wash, and a number of high-quality services yuesao. According to the internal data in the 58 home, housekeeping services, Manicure beauty, express the three category of self moving have achieve market leading.

58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua in an open letter, said: This is an important development in the history of the home node 58, we obtain a better corporate governance structure, will also have more resources, improve our service capabilities, expand our market share.

Prospectus Documents show, "58 home" to the service life of many aspects including real estate, recruitment, automobile, housekeeping, catering, the sale of second-hand, covering nearly 380 city; monthly posting volume reached about 56 million, nearly 2 million new information released every day. The industry generally believe that the 58 home $300 million price A round of financing, on the one hand from the investor support for enterprises, on the other hand, will help the 58 home through the product technology research and development to enhance the user experience, the line and the line platform and the development of the ecological chain layout, brand promotion etc..

O2O home economic giants joined the battlefield, behind the huge resources will directly promote enterprises to quickly develop new users, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost; in the increasingly intense market competition, BAT in the capital and resources cooperation, will further widen the gap with competitors enterprise. In 58 city and Alibaba investment power, consolidate its position in the industry will be in the 58 home housekeeping services, Manicure beauty, speed moving and other market segments.

as one of the big three BAT Ali did not gain a leading position in terms of O2O. Create a Baidu Nuomi, investment regulating the family network O2O layout in the heavily Baidu, Ali also living in the local industry to force. 58 city board chairman and chief executive officer Yao Jinbo said, O2O life services market is huge, with the hope of 58 home with Alibaba, KKR and Ping An venture capital to create a connection with the user and the workers of the ecosystem.

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