The 5 3P domain name Qi battle encounter rival Larry domain

Pinyin domain and its development trend is obvious, especially domestic Larry domain more everywhere is a pinch of a lot, in recent years the phonetic domain application is developed, Larry domain market saturation larger, while the three spell domain has the momentum of development, recently, some companies are using 3P, following the easy to understand, for the two months 5 domestic three spell using dynamic domain name.

series of micro 3P domain: banner network "micro gathered experience"


Sina micro-blog fiery, driven by the micro series of domain names, and the relevant micro 3P domain name, of course, including. Recently, the company launched the banner of Beijing domain name 3P interactive platform to launch micro experience, the domestic micro series 3P domain name application site. Other mainstream suffix domain name has been protected by the banner of Beijing, the company holds that, for the domain name. Micro series a wide range of three spelling words such as micro fiction, micro community, micro collection and other related 3P domain names have been registered.

industry: iron

enabled reading novels


novel industry website, three pieces of domain name application there are many, such as,, under the banyan tree. The network’s "iron products reading platform also seek independence, only recently officially change new domain name enabled" independent military book "three spell domain name, the novel industry adds a new 3P application case, in addition, the network also registered domain name protection. In such a competitive market on Tiexue novels, no choice but to "Larry domain, more development potential of the three spell domain name, is nothing more than an offbeat way of attraction.

social networking platform acquisition of Chinese domain name


The social networking site

is nowadays a hot industry, following the Chinese Larry domain built overseas social network platform, the domain name three spell Chinese net site, Italy Chinese network platform, the new social networking industry application cases of 3P domain name. Compared with the previous two companies for the domain 3P point of view, the platform in the other suffix domain name protection still do not place domain names currently held for others, the Chinese domain name registration in February 2009 three fight

electricity supplier industry: three spell domain was abandoned



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