The Chinese Army 09 years to Jiangsu station talks profit promotion road

old K: Hello, I am 09 years Jiangsu webmaster organizing committee organizers of the old K, thank you for your attention and support on the Internet in Jiangsu, as a model for the circle of grassroots webmaster you have what we want to say

Jiangsu station?

Hua Jun: identify the direction, adhere to the success of


old K: talk about how you feel about Nanjing:

China in Nanjing is my university place, four ancient capitals and historical cultural city, one good


old K: can you give us a brief introduction of your site? Let us know more about you?

: Hua Hua Software Park, Hua Jun software park is currently the fastest software download, update the contents of the most timely, the largest number of software, the software version of the latest release of the software communication center and the promotion of software and software sales and service center. One of the largest software and information publishing platform in China, by the China Internet association, "the first software download" and the honorary title of China’s top 50 Internet, by the China Software Association special contribution award.

old K: can be combined with the theme of this conference, "on the website to promote the profit of the road," to talk about your opinion?

Hua Jun: the promotion of profit is complementary to each other in the shop, site visits have a certain visibility, and can have the corresponding income, if you want long-term to the website, do strong, do not use the method of mandatory promotion, so that the user experience is not good, you have no corresponding follow-up to retain users, the user’s reputation will be very poor, profit is temporary.

old K: you participate greatly small Adsense will have more than hundreds of games, to the conference of experts make your proposal


Hua Jun: mutual exchanges, mutual learning, broaden their horizons, always have a lot of harvest, but each time the webmaster can form almost all my advice in the future whether can change the conference form, so many webmaster speaking. For example, 2~3 per person.

old K: please give this last 09 years Jiangsu webmaster will say a blessing in the


Hua Jun: steadfast, conscientious stand


thank you for your busy schedule to participate in this year’s annual meeting in Jiangsu, and look forward to meeting you.

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