Entrepreneurial story ride carpooling platform to solve the congestion in Beijing


three founders from left to right are Xu Weijie, Wang Yihe and


simple houses office environment


I lift platform screenshot

determined to venture

story began in the summer of 2010, the 25 year old Wang was lying on the Greek beach to read the newspaper, but accidentally saw the Beijing Tibet high-speed Inner Mongolia to Beijing traffic jam of about more than and 100 km. He is studying in Europe, he told himself: I can do something for Beijing, there must be a solution to the problem of traffic jam.

Wang Yihe after an investigation found that Beijing has about 4 million private cars running on the road, but the car only more than 70% drivers, more than seven Chengdu and air pollution from automobile exhaust. If you can allow more people to effectively share the resources of the car, then not only can alleviate congestion, but also can benefit the environment. He was encouraged by the title of his thesis will be changed into a car sharing solutions, hoping to find an effective social networking solutions to resolve the first block of the big problem.

years in the United States and Europe, Wang Yihe lease on network and private cars have become accustomed to carpool. He was very excited to think that they can promote this model in Beijing, reducing the number of private cars on the road in Beijing, to resolve congestion and emissions, to achieve their own return to the community’s dream.

Wang Yihe is 16 years old to come to the United States of Seattle, University of economics major at Columbia University, 08 years after graduating from Merrill Lynch; one year after receiving the EU full scholarship for master degree research area development project. That summer, he had planned to return to New York after graduation and continue his investment banking career in Wall Street. Enviable job, high income, the future seems everything is so beautiful. But the story of "the first block" changed his life.

entrepreneurship is the dream of Wang Yihe, he told the idea about the upcoming friend Hu Huaizhi. Hu Huaizhi is a high school friend in Seattle, University of Washington, after graduating from in the Department of Microsoft will have a stable and easy job, was doing volunteer work in Haiti. But the idea of the king not only changed their own, but also changed the friend Hu Huaizhi. Two people then decided to do the preparatory work, the specific scheme of car sharing, etc. in March this year, Wang Yihe master returned to Beijing to realize this dream.

as a result of the two are not computer professional background, in order to build a car to share the social platform, Hu Huaizhi also devoted himself to a few months programming. In more than half a year, two people across the Atlantic has been planning how to build this social platform through Skype. In order to adapt to the environment in Beijing, this year 2>

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