The website updated original content from four aspects is very simple

original content update is a website optimization of Shanghai dragon. Many owners said the content of the original will be called "the original so hard to write, write every day, where to find the theme……". Hard to be difficult, difficult to write, but also can not copy, copy others love Shanghai not only not included, there may be right down, in fact, if every day to deal with clients, actually write original content website is not difficult, as long as the right direction, slightly moving the brain, a few hundred words of the original content. How long can the

, a product introductionAs long as the product is

this is the most users want to see the forum, also need to focus on the product website updated daily, the successful case to aim at the target customers, write their true feelings or reason to choose this product, especially in pharmaceutical products, more need to grasp the psychological characteristics of target customers.

do the original content to update the site, has three advantages, first let users see what they need; secondly, to obtain the favor of search engine, improve the site’s weight; finally, improve the user visits. The product website as an example, elaborate website from the aspects of the original content updated.

successful case updates, need to pay attention to these points, there must be.

, two successful cases fix!

website, the first consideration is the user experience, so, if you are a user, treat a product needs to be understood from what aspects? Usually, the user purchase behavior in the network, basically is the process, usually through love Shanghai, search keywords, and related products then, click on the row in Shanghai love the first three pages of website (practice, few users turn to page fourth patience love Shanghai, unless he has not found the content they need). On similar products, might not have a website in the sale, this time, the user will compare products, if the product has been selected, will be on the website of the credibility of speculation, finally decided the user purchase behavior is likely to be a word or a keyword, the so-called word of mouth, brand utility to a decisive role in determining the user buy in.

class website, and ultimately, this section introduces products as written is rigorous, words not too frivolous, exaggerated. It is convincing and scientific, finally, in the product introduction to leave contact information, this is very important. In general, the product line on the site has been basically completed, a few big changes, so, in this, try to do a professional. This product is not website content update key, but it is necessary.

in the process of purchasing behavior of users, we see users need such information, a product function, two is about the use of the product of human feelings, comments, the three is the visibility of products. Then, we will update the website content from a few aspects.

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