love to Shanghai by the forum outside the chain weight

website more blog, forum marketing does not damage the safety of users, user fraud behavior and intention, but the content is meaningless with keywords "which has been described in BSP BBS, Shanghai love (including content, chain, chain) extreme distrust the basic attitude, in this case, again reduce the weight of the chain BBS signature which is completely normal. This can be from love Shanghai for classification information link attitude have been confirmed — often included soon, included many, but not long time to delete Not the least trace was found.

years ago, "the love of Shanghai forum signature chain is reduced" message in various forums – which has spread raise a Babel of criticism of speculation is certainly not love Shanghai officially confirmed, but from the previous love Shanghai (and other search engines) has lowered the View forum signature chain and anchor the text of the chain weight by the fact that if you love Shanghai once again lowered the BBS signature of the chain weight is expected.

people anxiously asked: "the forum signature chain is still useful?"


can present the chain, every day the website forum to anchor text signature as the anchor text of the chain is still in the crazy growth exponentially, in this case, the search engine has lowered the anchor text forum signature weight as the countermeasures is understandable.

actually, love Shanghai continue to reduce the weight of the anchor text forum signature trend began to take shape in the love of Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2": "by BSP, BBS, classification of information channels, released the well-known company’s customer service phone, users dial the phone fraud after the user money", "by BSP, BBS etc. the Web2.0 content of mass, content is meaningless with keywords, to lure users to download a Trojan, damage to the safety of users".

the reason is very simple, there are many factors affecting the ranking of search engine keyword, the chain (including the anchor text chain) is just one aspect, the main or continue to add professional original content to help users search (Web Service), because only to provide a real and effective content search users (service) in order to truly reflect the value of search engine is the love from Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" to "cheat" definition "any harm to the interests of users and search engine results quality behavior" can clearly see. Only on this basis, with the chain chain properly can play a role.



Although the

gouyn12 believes that the BBS signature of the chain is still useful, because both love Shanghai for BSP, BBS, classification of information again how not to trust, although many forum posts and replies "content is meaningless to wear.

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