Love Shanghai update algorithm to do a bold conjecture

three, love Shanghai included algorithm

recently found a snapshot of the site, included, the chain, ranking changes, changes in hundreds of times a day; meet the eye everywhere in each big forum various Tucao, here on the website ranking algorithm make a bold guess, what is wrong, you can learn to learn to exchange your experience.

is a bold idea of ranking small after several days of observation made by small text, just write so much.


ranking algorithm to update

in recent weeks, Shanghai has been updated to the snapshot love large area algorithm. The original complaint snapshot method can update snapshot already not effective. Why not say small failure, according to Xiao Bian observed and not all sites are not reflected after complaints, complaints after some sites within several hours of update snapshot. Xiaobian that now love Shanghai has a mechanism, is the site to the active site and non active site. If the active site, using the original method or snapshot can quickly update, if not active, the complaint is nothing. How can we put the non active into active, small there is no shortcut, Xiaobian now do the work of the 2, the station, traffic, after a period of time some site recovery activity, update the chain can not solve the activity. Here the activity and rankings are somewhat related, active high rankings will be better, so the children will not only know the chain update.

, a picture snapshot algorithm

small feel included algorithm to restore, to return to the previous. The new sites included speed without the original time, the original collection method is still valid, but included time longer. The new release is very slow and difficult.

(贵族宝贝fdnjc贵族宝贝/) original edit and collate release, please indicate the source!

has further weakened the influence of simulated clicks. And weaken here Xiaobian said is not completely without effect, this depends on how to set up. Now the ranking to flow is rational flow, unreasonable is to be punished. Especially for the new station, traffic is not reasonable, is a serious blow.

December 17th love Shanghai launched a snapshot picture snapshot, resulting in front of a large part of the site has a picture. What is the specific picture, yet no research. After observation is not the so-called added alt, a bit like a picture of the random selection. Small ideas, this picture should be thought to love Shanghai as the cover of the picture, but he is how to choose yet no research.

two, snapshot update algorithm

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