How to build a meet and satisfy the spider

is a website of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster most headaches. We all know that a website without the support of content, it is impossible for web site keywords have a good ranking, the more impossible for site to become a high weight website; now many webmaster is to collect articles, pseudo original auxiliary, a seemingly powerful website can be realized in an easy job to do the public, however, to know the website operation, not only is the keyword ranking, even the website included snapshot, also cannot keep up with the times, a collection site, to create a very high weight website, in addition to strengthening the construction of the chain, there is no law, even to a large number of high weight website chain, on the site to the effect is very little. You want to make your site weight rises, prohibitively difficult, want to keep the weight off, it is impossible to guard against, you only need a little attention, for example, no continuous update stand inside the chain, did not adhere to the hair, especially a stop server for two or three days, the effect is certainly immediate. Therefore, we should create some good article, can make your site have a stability. So how should we build a meet and satisfy the user the spider

love the search engine spider is a very clever animal, a general sense of smell and sensitivity. What kind of articles it can tell. For spiders, I think it should be the most hate articles, junk articles, such as we are familiar with weight loss site, left right minus stations are some of the article inside, with no relation to the site, and even some porn, these spam, love Shanghai for this. Serious. Then the love article, some of the original article, this is the webmaster friends even written All the world knows., you one of the original article, the readability is not good, but still very popular spider like, no wonder some friends, some QQ chat to their website, these are one hundred percent of the original.

first to talk about what the.

spider loveShanghai

how to write an article not only meet the spiders and meet the user’s article? Of course is the original high and to help the users of the article, this article for many webmaster friends, is a very difficult.


original articles users love? Many of my friends have this idea, the mention of users love article, immediately with the original fit, then this is not entirely. In fact, some users love more helpful articles on their own, even if those articles are borrowed from others on the site, as long as they are there to help, he will be interested in; of course some original featured articles, of course will allow more users, others see in the content on your site is can not find the others on the site, so your impression to others site is very deep.

then what the users love

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