Let the nine chain construction method of website traffic doubled

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forum and love Shanghai know answering community does not allow advertising and website links, but as long as we are able to provide useful resources, contribute to the community, even if the website links are not deleted. I like to do is talent network, and Post Bar in Q & a community, people often ask how to get a job, or ask the interview skills and job recruitment problems, I will introduce my site and leave them. This has two advantages, one in the community I let many people know my site, I left two outside the chain will not be deleted. Like Shanghai, Post Bar know, Search ask, and so on, the weight is still high.


Sina, the Sohu, and establish some other blogs regularly do some updates, join our website in the article address, achieve the purpose of the chain, here is our own territory after all, do not worry about adding links will be deleted as forum moderator. The best and other bloggers often communicate with each other in the course of time reference links, stick to it, you will see no effect.

three, participate in the forum and the Shanghai

five, the original articles published in the

, submit sites directory

know loveAlthough the

website catalog is an effective method of the construction of the chain, we can search in the search engine: "web site directory", "directory", "directory" can search a lot, some selected directory weight is high, and then submitted to our website, as long as the legal, formal, or they we are willing to included, each website directory included a website, the website will give us a love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the same page, there are introduction, keywords, and we need to introduce these keywords according to the optimization of carefully designed, and some high weight directory provides fast included, cost is not high.

external links is that we do optimization work of Shanghai dragon will do, because the external link is one of the most important factors in the search rankings, but high quality link is not easy, this is something we have a headache, I’ll introduce nine kinds of effective method for everyone today, the construction of the chain of health.


to write some high quality original article, leaving our original web site, released to A5 the weight of relatively high site, this.

exchange Links should be our most familiar with the construction of the chain, but for me the link to you, you link to the construction of the chain method, the search engine is becoming more and more low, but not completely useless. Exchange chain need to pay attention to is the other side of the site included, snapshot date, PR value, station chain number, content related degree, refer to our website for a comprehensive assessment, to determine whether it is worth us to exchange, do not easily to exchange any link, otherwise it will let us The loss outweighs the gain.

Links exchange

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