Wu Longjie website optimization case detailed toys enterprises

4. home has 2 inflatable toys appear the keyword place using a H1 label processing, another use of bold B label processing.

1. www without a 301 redirect to the domain name domain name with www.


7. at the bottom of the site there is a very small but very helpful links is that the label of website included, especially helpful for increasing love Shanghai included, the long tail word ranking, Shanghai love spider server efficiency is relatively low, every time to grab the surface of the web site just. The directory deep product page and news page is not easy to be loved by Shanghai to capture, label processing, all the products are cross classified into different label (label with respect to the main key words of the long tail word), click on the label into the page contains all the tags, each tag page and >

6. site map, each update your web site after updating the map RSS file, because the site map submitted to the Google site administrator can know the nobility baby website has been updated in the shortest time to send noble baby BOT to crawl the website.

navigation about our company by using the JS method call, no direct link anchor text, so to avoid the weight of dispersed home, of course, if the navigation bar directly using hyperlink anchor text processing method with nofollow is also possible.

is now more and more enterprises need to implement the Shanghai dragon website, most of the industry competition is more intense, for today we described a case of optimizing the toy enterprise website, at www.hnaxyl贵族宝贝, is a sales inflatable castle site, the main key words for inflatable toys, inflatable castle, CMS system using dedecms5.6 not really understand can refer to dedecms optimization.

2. introduction,

5. at the bottom of the site add anchor text links inflatable toys, inflatable castles, inflatable climbing 3 keywords, and add the URL of the website, the information will be displayed in the station, so that each page will have a keyword as anchor text and link to the home page. Why is the third without the website logo into the background by keyword hyperlinks form reason. In fact is the anchor text links that can be a very good way to tell the search engine website theme on the bottom of the site. Both the anchor text and the main keyword ALT attribute.

3. logo site using img tags and alt=" inflatable toys; " such a way of processing this way, tell the main keywords of search engine website is inflatable toys, why not use the Alibaba logo image processing to the background, the direct use of the term "inflatable toys" this word do anchor text, please be patient to see the following explanation.

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