On the lower four points webmaster page similarity

three: adjust the page content realization mode of

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web content

as a new generation of webmaster, mention optimization, we all know that the "content is king, the chain for emperor", but has been in a state can not learn to imitate and follow, the fundamental basis of website optimization fundamentally, web similarity is striking and judgment search web content is the important factor of information repeated, so we have how to reduce the web page similarity, the author heart today is a bit excited to share some experience to reduce page similarity:

The main content is the This paper from the 贵族宝贝kidsnet.cn

web page text content, text hyperlink is currently carrying a highest allocation of rights, so the number of good web design and web page need to write the text, such as news page, editors at the time of publication of news content the number of minimum value should be greater than the number of words, as well as improve the proportion of web text.

"is composed of modules, different modules always represent different content, degree of important content will determine our use of the contents of the order, the author emphasize that the site is profitable, but the site is around the user, from the user’s content design will not have good results. Make sure the content module and order, implantable advertising and content to be separated.

: a clear direction of web content

four: website content quantity regulation

successful stationmaster always sweat and labor more general webmaster, Adsense site itself is based on the book, improve the similarity of web page is more conducive to the theme and content identification search web content, also is advantageous to the theme of the web page and keyword ranking, to remind the webmaster, "I think the similarity of less than 50% is the best.

"created by designers, content extraction done by programmers, but the search is completed by content capture. Understand the above points, according to web content order and "inside" and "wide" separation, advertising should not be regarded as part of the web, advertising revenue is the webmaster, JS calls to achieve advertising information so you can use the embedded page plus, which can achieve the effect of advertising, also you can ignore this part search crawl, it is equivalent to reducing the content of a page, more conducive to the presentation of web text.

two: determine the weight order of

as a web site, each content is personally built before, I wanted to set up, every webmaster will know the content, direction, determine a good website content module direction, we must do a good job in the content module because the page layout and content sources underlying the page, do not use as like as two peas. The layout of the page, you can use a different CSS+DIV, to prevent the consistency in the page layout.

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