Not in the site data analysis

: a snapshot of

two: the amount included

for the chain, many owners are not well defined, blindly believe that the site of the chain is the webmaster tools or instruction after the domain data. If you chase with this data, is also a water.

there is a common understanding in the circle, that is the site included page number, the more favorable for the site, ranking will be better. In fact, this is a mistake, and not with the weight of the site included hanging hook. Some Adsense requirements included the amount should be large and willing to exchange even when exchange chain. But when we see the amount included high at the same time, is aware of these included page quality. Some of the poor quality of the page can be included, but often cannot obtain the good weight, a movie site as shown below, we can see the collection has arrived, but the weight forecast love Shanghai is only 2, a small site included 100, weight to 2 this is not a problem, we you can see the weight and included not hanging sign.

as a member of Shanghai dragon Er, I think our common goal is only one, that is the website ranking. We have to pay all the hard work is to make our site have a better performance in the search engine. In our constant efforts to do this diligently, if you want to have your direction is wrong, if you pay attention to some of the Shanghai dragon in the "in" unrealistic information. The development direction of the site to make the mistake, the result with tremendous effort is around. Below the author for our analysis of site data, we are prone to interpret some misunderstanding.

three, outside the chain of data

Of course,

is often seen in some Forum blog many people talk about the importance of love Shanghai love Shanghai post, content is nothing more than a snapshot update slow, snapshot not update or snapshot backwards, many people are wondering whether the site search engine right down, how to rescue etc.. Even some webmaster will be directly linked to the snapshot and the weights of the site, that love Shanghai more timely snapshot is, the higher the weight of the site, this time in the exchange chain, is also included in the snapshot of key indicators. In fact, this is a fallacy. This love Shanghai official also given the explanation as clear as noonday, as shown below, we can see the love of Shanghai webmaster community administrator Lee has posted directly point out the error point of view.

love Shanghai

webmaster to one-sided pursuit included, every day a large number of updates, update the content is of good quality, but inevitably there will be most related to the themes and site content is low. If go down for a long time, the site operation will be hindered, this part of the page included, although the number of high quality is good, but has not related to the flow of the site more harm than good.

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