Some problems need to pay attention to the blog promotion

blog for 08 years, are included, and the situation is quite good, included a good flow conversion is better, at that time I remember is the Sohu’s blog, registered in the Chinese community, others do not know at that time, thought it was the Sohu blog BUG, then I do is film station, every day several Sohu blog to flow over 10W. But slowly die, because we all know, is rampant, no longer do blog so easy, not just send an article he found recorded. But from that time on my blog especially large portal blog has a special liking, that only NetEase, Tencent, Sina, and other blog is worth doing, it is not, because after a period of time, I do blog, especially those large portal blog he not included it is said, or rarely included. But this has not prompted me to give up the blog, because I’ve seen the blog charm, I insist on do blog, and to research methods of the blog, I put all the can do blog site to do a bottom, and finally found that those small blog rankings behind will have the good this is similar to results, Sohu, NetEase that included little blog.

1, every day to have regular updates, insist that the only way to make a good blog rankings.

The I remember when

blog culture needs a reference site training pattern, the blog also need Links, especially one-way links, so our blog is divided into primary and secondary, the main blog will focus on training, a blog to blog service, is a one-way link master blog, increase the weight of the blog, said this. Many people will say that I can register a lot of small blog links to the main blog to go, in fact is not the case, I suggest that each of the main blog about 5 small blog gave him a link to the home, because do not have much time to maintain so many blogs.

third: the blog content will be very careful in reckoning

I saw on the Internet a lot of writing about the blog promotion articles, also learned a lot, now everyone seems to have do not believe in the blog promotion, but I still insist on doing the blog, also made some achievements, so today decided to write an article about the blog promotion experience points to we hope we can provide some help, you don’t give up the blog oh. Here we analyze some problems which should be paid attention to my blog promotion.


blog is like a small section of our master, we want to protect it, every day will have a return.


second: daily updated blog is very important

blog blog article is flesh and blood, there is a direct relationship between the quality and the content of blog blog. Blog content to the original content, not only reproduced, reproduced and original, probably in the 3:1 so that the best.

: the first choice of the blog is not necessarily large

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