Can not find the site title is lost due to the search engine

many people when optimizing a website, the station optimization and stood outside optimization from the fall, but when the search your site in Shanghai love, such as a website brand word, general brand is unique, but could not search to your own website? Why is this? I think many novice webmaster do not understand why this is the case, in fact, these are the new compensation mechanism in action, is your website is not good enough, when users search for the brand website when you enter your keyword page triggers a new search in the repair mechanism may temporarily not in line the home page, when users search for the same keyword statistics again if you don’t click on your URL click rate is lower than the competitors, your ranking will be reduced, from a technical point of view to analysis this is not too difficult Understand。

many owners think that their website ranked in the home page.

netizen "cold hands" questions to

website to search engine Title causes loss, the biggest problem is not in the search process, but in the station optimization, can go to the station to optimize their analysis, from the keyword density, if the formation of keyword stuffing is serious, it is very easy to fall in love with the sea is convicted of cheating, suggested that reduction in station construction link, put more energy in their own station optimization work, an article, as far as possible in the original, keywords layout, it is best not to put too many anchor text, usually one or two, too much is very easy to spread the weight, but also easy to form a keyword stuffing seriously, start your website ranking some of these, just love Shanghai supplement mechanism, when the user search your site keywords, in the premise of the same hits: if you click the row in second URL (2), click on the third plus 3 points and so on, to adjust the ranking results according to the score, for example, no one can get the accurate data, to search their own title, so don’t bother to search, although not to find, only to spend a lot of the time and the manager to find, you think about standing in the user or ordinary visitors to think in terms of what you think they have the patience to

lost the real reason is not a search engine, but when you’re in for the user experience of these four words began to optimize their site there have been too many mistakes.

‘s too long not update the

web site keywords ranking on the first. After a few days ago suddenly dropped to more than 20. Today, search, actually did not search. Has appeared before, then dropped to more than twentieth pages, but then slowly return to the home page to update. It was not received, now in Shanghai love to enter the URL, or more words can find my site. Excuse me, my site is K.

alreadyThe title and search engine website ?

love Shanghai speed search on-line search engine technology to subvert the

the Shanghai dragon city Taijiquan:

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