Shanghai Longfeng blog outlet where regression learning marketing is the right way


is therefore not ambitious, talks about what brand visibility, "for the industry the right to speak". The first to lay a solid foundation, and constantly improve their professional level. Confucius said: "do not worry that others do not know, the patient can not". Only if you constantly improve their professional level, be possible to talk about "for the right to speak" problem.

and it has its own unique personality and view content can give people the start >

is so, some people say it is "Shanghai dragon blog too much, too much competition". In fact, like people, precisely because their Shanghai Longfeng blog also not good enough, do not have their own lack of high perspicacity, their own unique style, so the competition waves do not adapt to the slightly larger.

but the direction is always right, the road is always wrong ", practice down, we only found the ideal distance too far from the real world," every bitter Shanghai dragon ER, there is a Shanghai dragon blog "is the most realistic portrayal. From time to time by two almost no what water (or soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng list list), this is the best ending.

ER to establish Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon blog purpose is very clear, "the text to the distant speech" — through the blog to show their "muscle" (professional knowledge), undertake Shanghai Longfeng orders, thereby shaping the visibility of the industry, to create a personal brand, and gradually achieve a virtuous cycle of development — "who in the world people do not know the monarch" industry visibility and rolling in the Shanghai dragon order two concurrently.

Shanghai dragon blog brand dream is reality (network picture)

Most of

as everyone knows now, Shanghai dragon blog stereotyped, are the preferred domain, 301 jump, custom 404 page, link anchor text and love Shanghai algorithm these changes as everyone knows things, even "copy acquisition pseudo original, and many people blog" three days fish, two days of the net ", for a very long time to update this blog, even if there is not any competition, you can not be talent shows itself.

this in theory, is entirely feasible, ZAC said: "the essence of blog marketing, is to fight for the industry the right to speak". Not to mention the successful example of ZAC et al.

from this perspective, blog marketing consciousness cannot be too strong, that is, the greater the disappointment. Blogging is a self learning, enhance the shortcut, continue to record their own learning ZAC and other industry big tendril article about; experience constantly sum up their own blog in Shanghai dragon combat; observe, constantly sum up the latest trends in the industry, and put forward their own views. To keep pace with the times, not limited to Shanghai Longfeng technical details, has gradually formed its own unique concept of Shanghai dragon strategy. In the course of time, your professional level will be improved, self-confidence will gradually improve.

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