Shanghai dragon as imagined so easily

Shanghai dragon and not some articles, do some outside the chain of this short-sighted behavior, Shanghai dragon is more accumulation and the implementation of a strategy. From the site of the building early on began to own a set of Shanghai dragon strategy into, from the overall structure of the site to enhance the website, a website to more users to understand their own, these are Shanghai dragon should be considered er. When we each a webmaster friends put the user in the first place, less excessive promotion, will be thinking "

many people understand the Shanghai dragon just stay on the surface level, that it is just a method to improve website ranking, feel that as long as the usual multiple some articles, and then do some outside the chain, such rankings will go up. Then the ranking in the search engine page after the daily rankings case website, and then to the site for the simple maintenance will be accomplished. In fact, Shanghai dragon really so simple? If we understand this is completely mistaken, Shanghai dragon far did not imagine that simple, if you are so understanding, only then that you are still in the primary stage of the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai, in fact there are a lot of work to do, now is an integrated marketing era, but we have to do is not only the entry-level jobs.



has many webmaster friends to Shanghai dragon understanding is a very simple thing, in fact, love the stars that have this kind of idea or friend is proficient in Shanghai Longfeng optimization very, or only at the entry stage of Shanghai dragon. Why? What will not be difficult, hard not to, if one of the very thorough, so naturally he will not feel what is very simple. Conversely, for those who only know some fur Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon shout but those webmaster so, it is natural to experience and did not reach the corresponding level, nature can’t see the shallow water depth.


when we do in Shanghai Longfeng, should first consider the question from the customer’s perspective, not from the web site in the search engine ranking perspective to do Shanghai dragon, we through the whole frame structure, adjust the site to expand the content of the website quality to enrich the user experience. And each qualified Er should be based on the characteristics of Shanghai dragon’s website, on the website of the code is optimized to better cater to the target user preferences, and respond to every visitor’s data analysis, for visitors to browse pages and the length of stay time stopped at the site to develop appropriate strategies to to treat customers as our God, the Shanghai dragon is the entry-level site to do search engines let love, really is the Shanghai dragon website do allow users to love.

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