Salt merchants earn money Shanghai Longfeng Er should earn flow and the chain

, the 1 major portal or area due to salt events, and click with tens of thousands of the chain.




of Japan’s nuclear crisis, the evolution of salt China crisis. Especially in coastal areas, such as Hangzhou, Ningbo. In the north of the major supermarkets, retail stores have all sold salt. Now the major forum, QQ group, micro-blog are in for a topic, get jittery. Some people use the incident, earn a lot of traffic and the chain. Figure:

search and love index in Shanghai told the Shanghai dragon Er, user attention and media attention rose to 8975% and 108%. So, for our website can earn a lot of traffic and the chain of the incident.

In this paper,

2, 19 floor forum for salt events, and get 33158 hits. published by the Pearl River news network series, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you and I thank you for your cooperation! The new 100 news media communication group of 131303239, welcome to join us.

the above conditions make people with deep hatred and resentment Chinese unnecessary things for the blind and convincing, very regrets to stop the power ballad "salt". See here, I feel very shocked, but as an occupation of the Shanghai dragon er or promotion personnel, we have to do is to use the event to increase the flow and the chain for our website. Why to use the event to increase the flow and the chain of



well, this article introduced here, hope you can also catch his hot events in writing. Remember a word, when traders make salt money, Shanghai dragon Er should earn flow and the chain.


3, micro-blog for salt events, and won a lot of fans. Do not make a picture showing above.

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