The five core elements of enterprise website construction and Shanghai Dragon

second, search engine optimization

no matter what things we must have a definite goal, as we learn in order to test a good university, we work hard to live a better life and realize their value. The construction site is the same, different sites have different goals, enterprise website goal is to sell products. So we in the construction site of the process must always think of the theme of this website is to identify customers and promote their products or sell their products to customers, and then according to the different requirements of different types of construction site.

1, as short as possible

generally when we find information will enter the keyword input instead of the whole problem, because it is too cumbersome. So the website keyword as short as possible, so when they enter the keyword the rapid emergence of your website. In addition to the website keywords can set up some more, this is to find the possibility will be larger.

enterprise website construction is facing the customers, so the website must take the customer as the center. We need to investigate the customer preferences and customer requirements in advance, the customer’s requirements to enter these blend in the design of the production site. You can also make a special module for the customer experience, can let them feel ahead of goods. Finally is the service, now the social services than the commercial important, so the website service must be in place, especially customer service service, not in the end customers to buy things not to customers.

general search engine data appear before the website is some good websites, so if you want your website ranking, to regularly clean the content of the web site. Reduce spam sites, and improve the overall quality of the website.

2, clean up the site in the garbage


details determine success or failure, in the enterprise website construction >

search on the network data we can find what we want to enter in the search box, then the page will automatically appear associated with the keywords you enter information. So in order to allow the public to quickly find your website, to search engine optimization, there are a lot of this optimization method.

third, take the customer as the center

Fourth, pay attention to the details of the

first, complete the target of the enterprise


enterprise website construction is not easy, whether you are a professional marketing personnel or web site making novice, the entire production process will appear more or less problems. Some problems can be solved, because is not important, but there are some problems must be solved, because the problem is the core problem of the website. The core problem which belongs to the problem of enterprise website construction or core elements? The Hangzhou Shanghai dragon for you.

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