The layout of the chain in the chain of the website optimization

in the chain to avoid cheating

9, avoid automatic chain


3, avoid the navigation column too much or JS show

The role of

2, the content to be included in

source: search for love, welcome to share,


5, avoid excessive levels of

in the chain:

address: 贵族宝贝.Ee/ > Shanghai Shanghai Dragon

3, enhance the user experience

e, the appropriate nofollow: no value for links to the appropriate nofollow.

B, active priority: we can analyze data through love Shanghai statistics, check to see which users love the project page, we can fine tune.

C, the article can also be appropriate to add some

5, conducive to the healthy development of the website. Reduce the bounce rate, increase conversion rate.

4, to improve the keywords ranking

2, the layout of the page:

, a powerful inner chain system1, enhance the site weight

system (official website)

2, the chain to avoid keyword stuffing

layout in chain system note

C, stable priority: such as our friends of the chain, can not be changed often, because the longer the chain on the site better.

two, strong inside chain operation strategy of

, the 1 page layout method:


to achieve the principle of relevance

website optimization is a website, is the mutual link between a domain name under different content pages. Only the layout of a strong chain system, the spider can jump to each page of our website, but also conducive to spider crawling. Site layout of a strong chain system, it will directly drive the site keywords in the rankings, a long time will slowly increase keyword ranking.

in the chainThree,

8, always check the chain, chain of processing

a, the position of priority: we should be an important content on the users most likely to see the location.

4, only to avoid a page or home page to do a lot of links

for chain layout home we should adhere to the following principles:

chain back home to avoid

D, the directory priority: we will put important keywords in the navigation

6, avoid long time not update the love map of Shanghai

a, a list of related pages recommended by

The internal links in the chain of

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