Love Shanghai feel sad because of upstream into the river

however, this approach has two wrong. One is with "let the developer’s wisdom and creativity to maximize play" the formation of contradiction. Developers both wisdom and creativity are good.

as the search engine veteran Chen Pei said, open is a background of the Internet today. Habits are quietly changing the Internet today’s Internet users, from the past passive acceptance of information to the Internet is now eager to become involved in the interaction and sharing, the tide is already unstoppable. Internet users are connecting to a variety of ways, is no longer an isolated closed door enjoy online fresh information internet addict. It is because of the increase of the Internet society, a netizen found some interesting things on the Internet, the first thought is to share with the other online users know or do not know about these things, with the exchange of views.


for search engines, the real opening is let search users to participate in the formulation of search results, so that ordinary Internet users can also use the platform to share knowledge and participate in the formation process of search results. The search engine search platform from the master, the organizers into search. To search engine, this is a very disruptive innovation, because since the search engine is that the user dialogue in closed mode, even in foreign countries have no successful cases of open search.

Robin Li announced at the recent Shanghai Conference on love ", with the application and development of cloud development era, love the sea will open including cloud storage, big data intelligence and cloud computing, cloud core capabilities, allowing developers to maximize the wisdom and creative play. At the same time, Shanghai also announced that the love for ordinary users to open 100G cloud love Shanghai large cloud storage space.

love Shanghai continue to strengthen its construction, is actually want to help themselves through a variety of downstream products and build a high wall, in order to consolidate their flow. Have a strong love for downstream products, Shanghai do not worry about competitors to flow away.

love Shanghai declared open cloud is the tide of this open do not really?. As the love of Shanghai said, "it is to let developers wisdom and creativity to maximize play", that is to say, it is the open object developers, rather than the user. And the requirements of today’s open Internet is the trend of the average user open. So, love is essentially a closed route to Shanghai. According to Zhou Hongyi’s words, is "in the play closed card".

however, just follow this direction, through constant innovation, love Shanghai can follow this trend. But fall in love with the sea do? Open for developers without innovation in essence, more puzzling is that love Shanghai also chose upstream, continue to strengthen their own construction, especially the competitor increases even more so. Figure:

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