Lu Cong the long tail keywords Shanghai dragon real significance

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on the long tail keywords structure, we will study from two aspects. One is the code structure, two text structure

page source code will see < head; > < /head > <, H1; > < H1 > <, body; > < /body > such code. Which we pay attention to look at the H1 code < H1 > < /h1 > title page content; H2; H2; < code; > subtitle – Title < /h2 > content relevance;. We know that the normal PHP program H1 code is invoked directly is the title of < title; > < /title > the content of. Do you all in Shanghai Longfeng usually put the main keywords in the title, it is important to enhance the keyword exposure to increase keyword ranking. If you use H1 code to call the title, it can improve the keyword density, then imagine if we use the long tail keywords to do H1 code has a certain effect on

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two, long tail keywords set


, a long tail keywords mining

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is now entering the Shanghai dragon world, with one of the most are theoretical knowledge. And in the practical Shanghai dragon is so feeble! What Shanghai dragon to do what? Shanghai dragon is finally in order to get the conversion rate, obtain the good ranking search engine and to attract traffic! Yes, Shanghai dragon is practical for. Not only to know the theory, must know how to use the theory to practice. After all, practice! Let me through the analysis of the actual meaning of Shanghai dragon long tail keywords this piece to.

this is everybody often said. Use column >

we need to clear, long tail keywords for what? In order to enhance the flow; enhance the flow after the enhanced conversion rate?. To use the long tail keywords to attract users, we need to understand the needs of users. Learn empathy, to think about the problem from the user’s point of view. In my name as an example, the user wants to search the two words LUCONG. At the same time, may also search for "who is Lu Cong?"; "what is Lu Cong?" these are the long tail keywords. So the way we can mining mining from 4 aspects: 1, brainstorming, I want to! 2, relying on the related tools like Shanghai Google search engine. 3, analysis of Web site keywords competitors arranged. 4, using the CNZZ statistical data to see the long tail keywords. In a word to bring traffic conversion rate will learn from the user’s point of view to mining the long tail keywords

2, the text structure of

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