From the four aspects of an effective solution to the user out of the phenomenon of high rate

has a lot of pop ads for the website, very few users will stay for a long time, even if the general users can also find the content of the website, but this pop-up ads will make the user in the access process, often open a display two or three, thus every time to shut down, repeat this action is the Buddha has fire. So, pop ads can not put will not put a little bit, not to the interests of the damage more benefits, after all the user is equivalent to have enough capital, and advertising for, without affecting the "simplicity of the case, the best of the separated, so that users can distinguish what is advertising, which is the main body, so as to allow users to not being influenced by advertisements in the browse articles, and when users from advertising, website and give users the overall feeling is still relatively good, plus the previous two reasons, users naturally long time spent on the site, and then can effectively reduce the rate of jump out. Many of them are not bad, but contains a lot of advertising, so that users cannot easily browse the natural site, so there is such a high bounce rate.

space can not only determine the website ranking, will also affect the user experience, which affects the rate of jump out. How a site is visited every time have to wait more than a minute, it will not get user support, after all, who do not want to visit a website every time a minute, this site will be abandoned by the user, so that the space is stable or not for the website bounce rate is greatly affected by the purchase or replacement stable space, long story short, so that we can in the shortest time to return to the original site level, and to improve the website access speed not only space should be stable, there is the source of the site should be streamlined, try to keep the home no more than 50K, and the home also should not be placed too much of a picture or FLASH, because this both will affect the site loading speed. As a result the stable space, improve the site access speed, can reduce the effective site bounce rate, and then get a good user experience, of course, this is just one factor.

site out rate is too high it reflects the website user experience is not good for the user experience is a key factor between the high and low ranking website weight. So, the webmaster want users to stay on your site as long as possible, but so users’ minds are very difficult to ponder, and many owners on how to reduce the user bounce rate is actually not what grasp. And sometimes know website users bounce rate high, but some webmaster is not how attention, so that the website user loss faster. Today I talk about how to solve the user out of several methods to high rate:

three, enhance the user access depth

site to reduce the bounce rate, in fact, not.

two, improve website access speed of

, a simple increase page

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