Discussion on the function of the station anchor point and links to the Shanghai Dragon

I of the two forms and briefly introduces the form and function, in fact, the problem is the key place.

The role of

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been written details of the optimization, looking at a lot of people feel a little use, but they also said some problems, I say, have time now, here to talk about the role the station anchor point and a link to the Shanghai dragon, actually you often talking about home page anchor text and link, often ignore the inside pages, in fact, in the optimization, the station occupied a large proportion, we all know that daily updates are also home.


I’m not placed placed "in position, more is how to put in more sites, I generally in the three place, mainly is the soft publishing platform, and then finally the forum, blog, this is the three positions I do optimization, I think a person is to use these methods to promote and optimize the.

is the first soft release platform, this is the place to reprint the highest amount, a few years ago to reprint the 4- page, in love >

the following detailed analysis to everyone and under the station anchor text point, there is a problem of how to place.

General Station anchor Wendian form is in the website page below the title, as well as the content of this area, two is the most common place, in this place are generally put on the website keywords anchor text, generally there are several forms, one is the anchor text keywords, there is the name of the company the anchor text, another is the long tail keywords anchor text, is the basic form of.


in general is nothing more than to let search engine to know our place is what to do, through countless points to increase the weight of the site, to further enhance the rankings, such as I do the construction site in Harbin, so I do the anchor point is in the Harbin station construction above plus www.06xushi.cn, my link this search engine can improve the keywords by keywords in all the keywords in the rankings. This is also a lot of the site after the transition, the key also ranked, because before he made a lot of keyword anchor text point.

link and the forms of the basic anchor point, but a place sometimes appear in the title and description, this is no way to do the anchor point. I feel the rest of the basic is the same, can appear in the same place.

in the link, can realize the function of the anchor point, but may be some difference in effect, but this form can appear in a lot of many pages, there is Many a little make a mickle.? He can increase the site’s external links, when external links to achieve a certain amount of time, the ranking also increased, this is why many people now to blog, posted on the soft platform, reason for everyone to reprint.

The role of

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