About four kinds of factors which may influence the website ranking

rankingThe start!

three: the site is the number of share is likely to decide the website ranking


: a good website content is a good website ranking

indirect influence ranking factors

directly influence ranking factors

two: the high quality of the chain can hold up half of the sky

recently on site:’s own site will find behind the website snapshot date more than a thumb icon behind a string of numbers (which only add love Shanghai code sharing site), yes, this is a recent talk about the very fire of love of Shanghai share, many webmaster said the number of share the level is likely to affect the site keywords ranking, but also have said maybe it’s how I flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, this is not a good conclusion, but after a period of observation, the author found the number of rankings do share is generally higher than the same type network >

site you want to have a stable rankings, only the internal optimization is not enough, but also "topical plus oral administration" to do so, the so-called "external" is of course the chain, but the chain is not necessarily the number is better, usually the quality is more important than quantity, that in the end what kind of chain the quality was high? Here I would recommend it to everyone I often do some outside the chain of high quality, first of all to say Shanghai related products, such as Shanghai or Shanghai know love love Wikipedia, this kind of chain is difficult to do, but once the success of a chain of absolute top 100 chain of garbage effect. In addition the soft effect can not be ignored, but the more we have the patience patience. Finally, often go to some and their relevant web content but high weight BBS released the signature of the chain is also a good choice.

search engine algorithm now more and more humanization, it will be more in the perspective of users of a website is good or bad, because of this, so it is often said that the old "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Want to have high quality and readable content, you must avoid collecting content and the use of pseudo original software, because the collection of content for the record is not friendly, but for the website promotion weight does not help. There are also some owners in order to save on the use of a large number of software to pseudo original content, actually do have a lot of drawbacks, because the software is software, it is mechanical to replace some text only, the readability of the pseudo original is extremely low, greatly affect the user experience, reduce the visitors stay page time, this will cause the occurrence of website ranking is poor or retrogression.

often visit the A5 forum friends often see some friends complain about their station website ranking rise difficult or long time does not rise or fall of the post. What are the factors that decide the quality of the website ranking? Here I come to think about individual factors will affect the four website ranking, we hope to encounter these problems standing friends help, good nonsense not say, on the

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