A5 optimization team Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic site outside the chain of health

in the website optimization process, the key step is the external optimization, it is often said that the hair of the chain, in the construction of the chain, we summarize a lot of skills, everyone has their own resources, but many friends do not pay attention to their chain of health, even some webmaster friends do not have such a concept, it is quite passive, because you can’t grasp their own optimization is not correct, is not hard, is not controllable, today A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) for a talk about the site outside the chain of health of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis method.

2, the chain

forum outside the chain, we mostly used the signature, because the signature weight is quite good, but a lot of friends too rely on the signature, it is not healthy operation, especially in several forums at this day, for a wide range and correlation sites all have great improvement. In addition, the forum should also pay attention to the chain rule, sometimes because of misuse of their own can.

A, Sima Zhao is known to the mind. For Shanghai dragon friends, the most impatient is ranking, so a lot of people open a blog with anchor text, or even every day, every day, this is very unreasonable, is not healthy. From the point of view of the new blog, blog weight is low, but the daily updates, but weights are derived, at the beginning there is a certain effect, the latter derived little weight slowly. In addition, the recent Shanghai love for anchor text blog included to reduce the amount of small, generally do not anchor text will be included, we can test this.

B, the chain blog is raised, but many owners often know, but do not, just put the blog as a tool, it is recommended that you put your blog as a four level domain name of the site, we will optimize each blog, also can do good internal external, not specific say, you understand.

first of all we have to understand some of the chain method most webmasters to promote, then according to these methods, some Shanghai Longfeng consider their diagnosis, this can be a good solution to the problem of the chain of health diagnosis. Chain tips: 1, the chain blog; 2, the forum outside the chain; 3, Q & a platform outside the chain; 4, the classification of information chain and so on. But for those outside the chain, we should fully understand the starting point and the role of each of the chain, and then take targeted strategy adjustment, release more healthy to the chain.


blog the chain, generally used for the anchor text, but many of the current mainstream blog for anchor text link control is very strict, we can also use the blog to do one-way chain, it need to make a blog can provide a certain weight for the master. Many people know that the chain blog is a considerable weight, and spent a lot of energy to a blog, but not the construction of health blog:

1, the chain blog

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