Everything is natural analysis of website construction and optimization of link diversity in combat

, two site type natural diversity

proved that the same type of website links more help to enhance weight. However, this is not to say that as long as the link to sites of the same type can be varied site link type, which can make the link more natural. For example, we use the professional website construction company pilot technology website, through long time uninterrupted, the original writing and sharing of experience, 8600 years of accumulated in a chain, not only there are hundreds of the same type of website links, links more different types and even irrelevant websites. The reverse link site types related to common enterprise stand a multitude of names, personal websites and blogs, forums, community sites, inquiry platform, information portal etc..

compared to the previous as long as there is a sufficient number of links, you can easily win the search engine rankings, it has shrunk, the search engine has put forward higher requirements for the construction of the link. Only the natural diversity, reaching more abundant real links, search engines will be recognized, which translates into weight and ranking. However, the reality is that as long as the site optimization of man, how many are manipulating links, but different techniques have different results. Considerations of justice and long-term business interests based on the natural search engine will not allow clear manipulation of link behavior exists, but the true nature of link building is the kingly way.

website optimization, once considered only the keyword anchor text is the link that >

When I started

and search engine optimization construction site, insight into the nature of the "content is king, the link is emperor" is the everlasting truth. Since the emphasis on "link for emperor", regardless of station links or external links, in the website construction and optimization of the process, its importance is self-evident. The high weights of the external links, to facilitate the search spider search website, improve website weight effectively. The perplexing station link can make search spiders to crawl web content retrieval, improve website content included the number. Reasonable internal links at the same time, also let the weight of mutual transfer between different pages, to facilitate the search engine better recognition site keywords.

, a domain name and IP natural diversity

is the first to link diverse variety of sites, and the most basic form is a different domain name. In the view of the search engine, links can be false, different pages of different keywords can be done, but hundreds of different domain name website link is not easy to achieve. It is not only the domain name domain name diversity, different themes, including different types of domain name, such as most of the COM domain, but also should contain a certain number of CN domain name and other kinds of domain name. The domain name and domain name of the variety is similar to that of the IP address should be one of the factors of diverse search engines consider, because in theory, a variety of IP than the name of diverse natural and true.

three, the link of natural diversity

The website construction and optimization of

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