The site was down the right search engine how to solve

In fact, the A website

before me, is an example of this. My site every day to update the original article, even to the back of my website updated after the Shanghai love later included, it is clear that the website weight can be good, but the ranking is not very good. Slowly I found the site included in reduction, reduction of 2 today, tomorrow to reduce 3, I began to feel a little anxious, the site should be down the right, but after I updated the article is still not long included, is the end of the month love Shanghai big update, I found that the domain name site not in the first place, went to the second place, I didn’t mind him then I every day construction content and the chain, not long after the site back in situ, and the site keywords ranking overall a major step forward, I feel very pleased, as a rookie in Shanghai dragon I can calm down right face the feeling is very good.

site domain name is not in the first place, does not necessarily mean that your site is down right. Sometimes, you find that the site is not in the first place, to second, the reason for this phenomenon is rarely right down, you have to go to update your own website content continuously, the chain continued to maintain a normal state, will soon recover.

normal release site outside the chain, some friends may usually pay attention to construction site and update the site outside the chain, when the end of the month when he knew that Shanghai would be a love big update, he began updates on the website of the slightly improved writing, this approach love Shanghai revolted. Cram will never succeed.

for our Shanghai dragon novice, suddenly site’s own website is not found in the first time will be very confused. The website search engine right down, it should do? Rush to find their own way one day, still can not find a good solution.

sometimes site is not in the first place, may also be the cause of love Shanghai servers, but we don’t have such a mentality, a small part of Shanghai itself is because of love. If the site is not found in the first, first check to see whether they have their own, bad operation recently, caused by search engine punishment. Today as a Shanghai dragon dishes I gave you on the web site is down right after, what should we do.

I think this article will find a big push to search. When you find that the site is not in the first place, first of all to see is not Links a problem, Links site is down right, or the site has no the may result in your site is down right, if it is not he mercilessly deleted, can get rid of. Secondly, see is not the web server IP has a poor record in the search engine.

site right down to suck a large part of the novice, here suggest that you site is down right side, not too worried, is stable to update your website, not excessive to.

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