To update the Shanghai dragon coexist concept



part of Shanghai dragon Er love staying at the technical level, think the media is relatively empty, not for them. Then we’ll change our point of view, Shanghai Longfeng to drainage, then can use the concept of Shanghai dragon? We always said we can’t find the high quality of the chain and the original article to flex its muscles before, and now the platform will be able to promote the authority of our original articles, mainly reflected in:

1, once your article through audit or by submission, especially the authority of web media platform, can make your site name, URL and keyword greatly to spread (reprint). But at the same time these media platforms are more stringent requirements of the audit, the quality is high, need to think.

hot Internet is not false, but with the Internet technology, and has rapid development, people start from the previous "sitting in front of the computer search information" to today’s "mobile phone search" pattern. It will lead to a lot of enterprises are willing to establish mobile enterprise own ecosystem, many of the company’s profit concept we are very clear, is to make the most money in the fastest time". Therefore, Shanghai dragon brings the effect, they did not wait, thus produced the enterprise for Shanghai dragon industry "useless". As a Shanghai dragon Er, more as a "embarrassing" Shanghai dragon Er, as I said before this, you need to accept new things with you, of course, and not blindly accept. Due to the development of the society, not only the Shanghai dragon industry, other industries also do so. Fast and efficient is what they love. The Internet ecosystem is all related to the Internet elements within the enterprise, before we put focus on the enterprise ecosystem on the top of the PC website, and now the mobile phone terminal active up, all the information interaction and communication efficiency is more close to the crowd, it will inevitably make the enterprise produce on the ecosystem with timeliness of interest. This time we need to cut with Shanghai dragon threshold, marketing thinking and execution; in the era of progress, new things are constantly output, Shanghai dragon industry also can hardly be avoided, so we need to absorb the essence of "timeliness ecosystem", keep pace with the times.

media platform diversification, Shanghai dragon Er should "love the new and old"

with diversified media platform, many Shanghai dragon always said Er could not insist, a sense of presence in the industry is more and more low, and many enterprises pay more attention to the two years since the media platform, WeChat platform. The form changing so that more and more Shanghai dragon Er began to feel powerless, I do not know the return. In fact, according to the Internet today so rapid development trend, and many small and medium enterprises are rushing to get the sirocco, is supposed to be the spring of Shanghai dragon er. So, where is the problem?

enterprise "ecosystem" concept, Shanghai dragon Er should be absorbed

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