The nternet giant and grassroots exchanges

group, but not without contact.

Discuz can be said to be the lead brother grassroots webmaster, most grassroots webmaster Jianzhan preferred site procedures are discuz.

love of Shanghai launched the "Webmaster Platform" provides data query, the webmaster webmaster exchange website submission function.

and DISCUZ have a penguin acquisition, access to the lucrative webmaster resources. >

The polarization of the

also said above, many grassroots webmaster for blind, and discuz from the technical level for the owners to provide power, is crucial for the webmaster.

of Tencent

personal webmaster, grassroots entrepreneurs are often considered to be the bottom of the Internet group group, this group is often not the industry attention, external personal webmaster can rely on small, there will be very little investors, institutions willing to pay attention to this group of people.

compared to love Shanghai, the relationship between the Tencent and the head of the grassroots and not so direct interests. But the Tencent product is covering the face is too wide, from the network game to the search engine, e-commerce has his shadow.

"love Shanghai statistics" is to provide data for monitoring query site webmaster. The webmaster do not have to rely on technology, like love Shanghai such third party statistics statistical tools to view the web site data.

Internet giant and grassroots personal webmaster can be said that the Internet is the industry side poles, rich handsome, while the poor and ugly dwarf rub Internet hanging wire.

love relationship between Shanghai and the grassroots webmaster can be said to be the most important, love Shanghai through grassroots grab content, grassroots webmaster also need to get the flow through the love of Shanghai.


however, a large Internet Co, found that the giants of the Internet and the bottom of the grassroots is close contacts. Because the attributes of grassroots webmaster, this group often does not have the IT technology, the website profit pattern is relatively simple. So the giants and the current main performance data in the query will provide technical support for the profit pattern etc.. Of course, the giants to provide services at the same time, itself has gained great benefits.

also launched the "love Shanghai love Shanghai SMO optimization share button" for the webmaster of some basic, it also received the relevant data for a large number of social networking sites like Shanghai.

Shanghai In addition,

also love Shanghai alliance is a major profit model of love Shanghai, love Shanghai in the league, grassroots webmaster is a very important role, grassroots webmaster made a great contribution to the Shanghai love profit, of course love Shanghai alliance also provides income for the owners.

so the Tencent started to win over the grassroots webmaster, sooner or later will have to use the local grassroots webmaster.

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