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yes, Interactive Encyclopedia to promote the use of fewer people, but in the above promotion advertisement really easy, this is the opportunity, this promotion is worth a try, so how do we promote the Interactive Encyclopedia? Here is my experience to express some views:

love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia in the search engine ranking is very good, but because of the Wikipedia content fair and substantial content favored by the majority of users and trust, user experience is good, obviously, 360 search in order to enhance the user experience, it also gives the Wiki to very high weight, ranked by before, but because the 360 search and love Shanghai search competition means frequent, 360 had to give up the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, thus enabled the Interactive Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia -360 brings opportunities for increased traffic, Interactive Encyclopedia rankings, then we can consider: Based on the 360 search platform for Interactive Encyclopedia promotion effect is not it is worth a try

of course, because of the limitations of Interactive Encyclopedia, in the love of Shanghai ranking is not very good, generally only applied to the 360 search, and 3>

Interactive Encyclopedia is a large domestic encyclopedia website, but it has been in an awkward position, compared to love Shanghai encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia can not get attention, but with the rise of the 360 search engines, 360 search traffic increased, becoming the biggest rival domestic search engine love Shanghai, it is also for this reason that makes the Interactive Encyclopedia increase in value, to see how it is


2. of the entries content into the product, the name of the web site, advertising content, and attach the content with the site LGO, contact the pictures, while bringing the promotion effect of this flow or not directly to you, but you can enhance the brand visibility and exposure can be used. And because the Interactive Encyclopedia audit lax, can be added easily on these contents.


3. Interactive Encyclopedia promotion is the biggest characteristic in terms of content on the right column directly add advertising column, and the audit lax, can easily be added easily on the web site and attached instructions (such as the official website and so on), the promotion of such information is easier to obtain the trust of users. Although this part of the website can not takes the form of a hyperlink, but Xiamen Shanghai dragon think this link effect will be very good.


1. reference. The website in the Interactive Encyclopedia reference at the bottom plus links (home page, page link can easily add), this link is a hyperlink, the user can click to enter, the effect is very good.

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