Pu Jialin true Shanghai dragon ER should learn to distinguish information

SOER is most concerned about is the search engine related information, actually each search engine has its own official information release platform. The contents are about their latest development, so the authenticity and reliability of information is very high, the following list

to the development of the Internet now give us too much convenience, mainly reflected in the dissemination of information. The propagation velocity and range are not comparable to newspapers and magazines, which will cause what? Obviously the dissemination of information more widely, the affected users range is bigger. With a view of things and there will be many versions, filled with a lot of non lack of authenticity of information.

when there are a lot of controversy, there must be support and opposition parties. Sometimes the two sides to prove your point of view will list a lot of argument, if the new contact is likely to be affected, I believe the right side is not to say, if I believe the wrong point of view it is the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. So, before no right to establish their own knowledge system, please do not believe the disputed information. >

2, information is not timely, not credible

3, controversial information do not believe

noble baby, love Shanghai Webmaster Help platform.

we do not think this is an alarmist, I believe many people have around friends learned some false information through the internet. Far away, the authenticity of the now Shanghai dragon ER how to distinguish information, mainly in Shanghai Longfeng information. I think we can see from the following aspects.


1, non official not credible

贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/support/webmasters/

take the Shanghai dragon, as long as there is the Internet experience of a friend. In the search engine will appear a lot about Shanghai Longfeng information, such as: Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai Longfeng tools, Shanghai dragon forum, Shanghai dragon tutorial will be a lot of search results. It is easily affected by the existing information for newcomers, if swallowed some authoritative information, the consequences are terrible.

Ineffable importance of

2) love Shanghai

1) noble baby

for new terms of data, but most of the time in the online Shanghai dragon related information is a long time ago, although the search engine algorithm how to change without his intention, but with the increase of information search results can meet the needs of users of the search engine is the primary consideration and this will lead to some changes in the ranking algorithm. Therefore, the lack of timeliness of data can not completely believe.

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