Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing websites need to continuously update the sloppy


of course, the website live completely rely on love Shanghai, ignoring the above content. Well, after analyzing the cause of the problem, to make up a little bit.

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analysis of the second case, the page long time not update, the spider climb a climb again no harvest, no harvest, will lead to reduce the speed of spider climb, you lazy spider more lazy, in the course of time, will happen a few days, the page will not be included in the case because the spider is still sleeping.

1. has increased the violence of a needle specific page chain

love Shanghai statistics the latest version is version 3. Compared with the 2 version, in addition to the interface is more fresh and elegant, has been worried about the optimization analysis tools may be hidden is still love Shanghai.

3. page reconstruction

in late February, the author found that many higher weights on the web page is love Shanghai eat, do not see between previously indexed pages overnight. Directly lead to love Shanghai weight decline, included in the page down. Thinking of problems may appear in the following aspects:

when you have deleted this page, love Shanghai very happy to your relevant pages displayed in its search results, the user points the past are page does not exist, the love of Shanghai found the past user jump out rate is so high, it will let go and see a spider, spider, so the page does not exist this is not the love of Shanghai, as a fool, so in love with the sea will punish you, as more serious, interested friends can try.

keyword and description is the search engine first reading, the search engine can determine the keyword and description, when your pages indexed, but you can change the keyword and description, when love Shanghai come to your page again, it will be that does not match your information and page content, think you cheat on it Shanghai, love is very angry, the consequences will be grievous.

analysis of third cases, the more page reconstruction dangerous behavior in order to change URL, change the description and keyword, just delete the page.

analysis of the first case, the search engine website that return to the chain surge, cheating, the first effect is obvious, but when the search engine judgment is completed, will be punished. Keywords ranking drop.

2. page long time not update

replaced URL, love Shanghai snapshot hasn’t been updated so quickly, resulting in search results show the remains of the original URL, but when the user clicks, trouble, to show the correct page, must jump past, love hate Shanghai jump, that the user experience is not good, and secondly, in case is a garbage station, virus station, love Shanghai’s fame will be destroyed on one day. So, in order to avoid this, love Shanghai simply eat you this page, one day, you will suddenly find, huh? Page to see the bird.

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