The new website optimization Shanghai dragon five note

2016 website optimization Shanghai dragon note three: attractive title is the premise of the

2016 website optimization Shanghai dragon note a: do website link optimization

with the rapid development of network information, new sites such as Shanghai and love bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the algorithm has also been updated, but because the site is not always to the soldiers of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge have comprehensive understanding, leading to the site’s ranking, included, so the user experience is not good, so every day there is a new web site a big part of the dumpster, submerged in the vast information trend, and also partly due to poor site based optimization, which leads to the slow development of the website. Today, Shanghai dragon today Xiaogang and everyone together to talk about the 2016 new website optimization Shanghai Longfeng things need to pay attention to.

user at first sight

1, the web site link structure optimization, and ensure the stability of the link. Link level should not be too much, less than four. You can use the name or web links English Pinyin, and the corresponding key words.

2, do website link pseudo static, this is more conducive to the collection and search engines crawl.

although the search engine is not a person, but you should not think that he could not determine whether your content is of high quality. With the love of the Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, intelligent search engine is more and more high, it has a set of rules to identify the quality of website content. Therefore, high quality content updates the user of love, is conducive to improve the site, and regularly visit your website for the search engine spiders.

a good title, is the premise to attract users to access the site. Because the user through the search from the search information, the first time contact is the title. So according to the needs of users, to write a good title to attract the attention of the user, is required for a qualified Shanghai dragon. Although an attractive title, the first time to attract the attention of the user, but if there is no corresponding title and content, which will allow the user to generate a feeling cheated. < >

4, according to user needs, choose keywords for demand, and reasonable layout, good website title and description of the set. Note that once identified do not change, otherwise it will affect the site ranking.

high quality content is the premise of website development. What is the high quality content of the site is original?? not necessarily, high quality content must be able to meet the needs of users of the original content, although it is the one and only, but not necessarily be able to meet the needs of users, so users will not love.

2016 website optimization Shanghai Longfeng note two: to ensure that the content is to meet the needs of users

3, the website domain name do 301 redirect or preferred domain settings, so as to avoid the existence of multiple links, resulting in website weight dispersion.

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