With the inspiration to promote marketing

in the network era, we find that the biggest characteristic is the integration of information increasing, information transmission speed faster and faster, to people’s thinking and less time, so there is a miracle, it is the "inspiration", with inspiration to promote.

soft Wen promotion, called the "axis" to describe the use of a word in our network promotion position, in material mechanics, what is the role of the axis, can be based on entity or virtual turn, without this, the reality of the N many things can’t rotate. So I always believe that soft power, so today I invited A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and we talk about soft hand bit by bit.


inspiration, we need to absorb fresh source more; that is to say we must write text before, to find the latest information a lot, because we have a long time to write, write it out, so we need through the development of dynamic new things to catch them bit by bit, as our writing material. New things are everywhere, in the year of the Olympic Games, the most fresh and change things is just the end of the Olympic Games, badminton men’s singles final on Lin Dan to the thrilling 2:1 victory in the match process that is the latest surge, excitement and anxiety fusion, excitement and calm. That is a lot of things flashed in my mind, for fear of not all few, I was writing from it, "seven by hard work, three Heaven" judgment. Is the latest information held every day of my every day content can be written, let the promotion become interesting and vivid.

with inspiration to promote is what we want to talk to the main content of today, we will be inspired by the soft Wen to promote. Inspiration is a thing very small, a movement look can inspire you, let you create the concept of extraordinary. Apple, the achievements of Newton’s theory of gravitation, the snake loop, the achievements of the periodic table of the chemical elements, to bring the descendants of wireless wealth. All this is because in the promotion, promotion in truth can attract more users to browse, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. Inspiration is a virtual thing, we can not use language to describe what is the inspiration, how is the inspiration, but we can design in the case that in the society to define it, the process of perceptual thinking inspiration is to solve the problem by rational thinking process to get after the formation of ideas to solve the problem. The mysterious inspiration from the way people work on their own brain do not understand. Inspiration is a kind of feeling, is a kind of activator, in an instant burst of power, and in the promotion of our inspiration lies in the soft, describe our products with beautiful soft zone, with inspiration brought by the passion to infect the readers, let the promotion more easily. We will be so much, how to capture the inspiration and use of inspiration to write the soft promotion.

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