About Shanghai Longfeng blog by W3SO network after the acquisition will be in love with the sea K

every Shanghai dragon blog personal webmaster, will find the love of Shanghai is very friendly to the blog, almost every Shanghai dragon who will hand a blog, and then sit in a local Shanghai dragon + keywords ranking. Thinking is different, the same keywords reason, everybody can be in different ways, in different writing. This just like clothes, clothes had the winter is cold, wear thick point, hot summer, wear thin point; but later we have a kind of pursuit for beauty, or the pursuit of fashion, also the evolution of another concept later. Is Shanghai dragon so early Zac those who write books, but also copied abroad, or to communicate with others, together with his own ideas, in the domestic, Daniel is a.

do some of the work in the morning, started on QQ, and then you see friends in the group issued a doubt love Shanghai like began to crazy, a full original blog, not overnight. In fact, this is not strange love Shanghai, just because your blog is too perfect, perfect to love Shanghai envy, so come a fatal disaster. Zhu Weikun followed his blog, and then to copy him those who once included by epilation title to love Shanghai search, the results still see familiar figure, W3SO web site appeared.


pull so much what? That is the webmaster W3SO webmaster, a blind cat with dead rat, was originally a person in the battle, from the start the update themselves, to learn later Shanghai dragon why to establish two directories, the network marketing, network promotion, web site operators, electricity supplier, Wangzhuan, this paper divides a series the Shanghai dragon and so on. The formation of a natural complementary authoritative website.

love Shanghai to the authoritative website W3SO webmaster sinister smile to the last

W3SO network is a magical site, with love Shanghai on the website of the authority plus value, and he himself is two or three years old, so unscrupulous picking other Shanghai dragon blog is not too much, but his website is a user experience good site, the only shortcoming is webmaster do not understand operation, just look at dry line pipe goods, the other nothing! Write some views on the following:

if you remember the love Shanghai administrator L>

does not kill you?

if you are a person of Shanghai dragon blog webmaster, you can go to look, those who are often W3SO stationmaster net is not to be K, the higher the degree of the original, are more likely to die the largest acquisition. The common, is within three months of the new station, if the old station, in Shanghai through the sandbox period, generally have a certain weight, this website basically will keep point. But who can guarantee that love Shanghai the next big update,

W3SO visited the new station stationmaster net three months will be K

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