mprove the site included the amount of love Shanghai five experience to share

: a web site to ensure the original and pseudo original

fell in love with the sea is included in a certain extent, can improve the site visibility, promote the flow of the rise, so, in the small and medium-sized website initial stage, to find ways to improve the site included quantity and increase the love love sea sea friendliness is a very important work. As the world’s factory food network marketing personnel, in the long process, gradually accumulated some experience, simply summarized as follows, in order to help you in the website early some.

is a website of our own factory of the world food network, beginning to change the domain name, love Shanghai significantly reduced the amount of collected information on the site, and later appeared in love Shanghai not updated snapshot of the phenomenon, so we master the world factory, the daily flow, visibility and PR value is relatively high, after we vigorously updated, this "legacy" slowly eliminated.

four: do not spam links

three: the website will not easily replace the domain name


we can imagine, when love Shanghai spider crawling to our site, found throughout the site of the information is reproduced here from another website, not a bit of fresh information, so, how can we attract love spiders from Shanghai to visit again and increase the frequency of

to the factory of the world food network as an example, usually in the choice of a chain, will first consider the chain website traffic, sometimes web traffic also has more reference value of PR, then consider the PR value of the site and love Shanghai snapshot date, will also consider the chain website information update. If the information is not updated or long love Shanghai snapshot is not normal, so when the exchange chain should be cautious, to take into account the site is not to be loved in Shanghai penalty factors.


two: Links screening and exchange

in fact, this principle is well understood, the domain name change, will directly reduce the love of Shanghai on the website of the trust and love of the sea friendliness, domain name changes will reduce the amount collected on the website of the Shanghai love and love Shanghai snapshot update frequency.

has a lot of extension workers thought, a link to each, are likely to bring a website >

to the factory of the world food information network as an example, the original and pseudo original work are based on the website editors and membership submission as the main force, we’re here to talk about membership submission. A website, if conditions permit, the best to have their own independent travel team, only in this way, can obtain first-hand information. At the same time, but also to ensure the original work, the processing of the reproduced information about the pseudo original skills, no longer, the site also has a lot of experience, you can refer to.

Links, the friends of the chain, a good friend chain will improve the visibility of the outside of the website trust and website itself, through the exchange of the friends of the chain, also can bring certain traffic to the site.

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